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Florists in Germany.

Click here to view the flowers available for delivery in Germany

Lovely fresh flowers made into beautiful floral arrangements for all occassions by professional florists in Germany. Enjoy competitive pricing, secure ordering, quality service, and careful delivery by Petals florists in Germany .

About Petals International Florists in Germany

Petals has been a part of the flower industry for many years, and first began using the internet to send orders to member florists shops in 1994. Since that time, the network of participating florists has grown to over 20,000 flower shops spread over ninety countries.

Petals is a specialist in the worldwide delivery of gifts and flowers, and to assist international customers who require a delivery by florists in Germany , the online catalogue has a currency selector that allows the flower prices to be viewed in any one of 15 different currencies. The payment method is secure and payment is accepted in Euros, Stirling, US$ or AU$.

The Flowers Catalogue for the Florists in Germany

The extensive catalogue allows you to choose from a large range of bouquets, roses, floral arrangements and sympathy flowers for delivery by the florists in Germany. All prices shown include handling and delivery..

When you have made your choice, click the Buy Now button and you will arrive at a page where you can add any special requests regarding your floral gift for the florists in Germany, add your message that you would like to be sent with the flowers, and, if you wish, increase the value of the order for an even more beautiful gift of flowers.

The Petals Network of florists in Germany is now waiting to serve you.

Petals postal address is
Petals Network Pty Ltd
PO Box 341
Armidale, 2350, NSW.
Phone (61) 2 6774 9200

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