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Flower meaning first began to appear in about the 17th century when it became fashionable for women to carry a small posy of sweet smelling flowers with them as an alternative to perfumes. As small posies became popular as a gift, a natural development was to attach a meaning to a particular flower and so send a  message, and no doubt a flower meaning was used to send many a secret message. The main flower meaning that has endured right through to this day is a gift of red roses.

Flower Meaning in Different Cultures

Because a flower meaning originated from many people in many different localities, and each attaching their own particular meaning to a flower, we sometimes have a different flower meaning for the same flower. This is often just a variation of a theme but somtimes it can be quite different. Colour is one aspect that may have quite a different meaning in different cultures, and if you are sending flowers overseas as a gift, it may be wise to avoid specifying a particular colour unless you are familiar with the customs in the recipient's country. If you advise the florist of the particular occasion, a local florist would naturally prepare flowers that are suitable.

A flower meaning has been greatly diminished in today's world, and while the recipient of a gift of flowers may not have the  romance and excitement of deciphering a hidden message, the florists are free from constraints and are able to create a beautiful work of art by concentrating on the use of complementary  colours and flower varieties.

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The Meaning of Some Common Flowers
Aster - daintyness, a symol of my love
Azalia - take care, fragile
Babysbreath - innocence
Balsam - ardent love
Bells of Ireland - good luck
Bluebells - gratitude
Camelia - admiration, perfection
Camelia, pink - longing
Camelia, white - loveliness
Candtuft - indiference
Carnation - devoted love
Carnation, pink - I will always remember you
Chrysanthemum - You are my good friend
Cornflower - refined, delicate
Daffodil - respect
Dahlia - dignity, elegance
Daisy - I will never tell
Daphne - I want to please you
Everlasting - I will remember you
Freesia - trust
Iris - promise of love, hope
Jonquil - affection returned
Lavender - love, devotion
Mignonette - good health
Pansy - thinking of you
Petunia - I want your company
Phlox - we are one
Poppy, red - happiness
Poppy, yellow - riches
Poppy, white - I am sorry
Ranunculus - you are wonderful
Rose, red - love
Rose, orange - fascination
Rose, pink - secret love
Rose, yellow - jealousy
Snapdragon - strength
Violet - modesty
Zinnia - lasting affection

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